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    Keymaster Forum Rules

    – No talk of cheats or cheat programs.
    We are a cheat-free community. No discussion of autos, cracks, wares, or anything of this kind should be taken place.

    – Keep it clean.
    Be kind and respectful to all members. No “flaming” or fighting will be tolerated. If you disagree with somebody, simply just ignore that person or reply in a respectable manner.

    – No spamming.
    No spamming will be tolerated. Please also avoid “one liners” such as lol, thx, heh, and so on.

    – No advertising of other websites.
    General discussion about what is happening on another website is fine, however spam isn’t, and will get you permanently banned.

    – Protect Yourself.
    Nobody on the staff will ever ask you for your Pogo or Forum password. Do not give your password to anybody. These people are just trying to get into your account.

    These rules may change at any time with no official notice.

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